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3 Tricks for Creating the Perfect Wedding Centerpieces in New Orleans

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

All brides dream of their perfect bouquet, but wedding flowers don’t end at your fingertips!

A recent poll revealed that most brides allocate 8% of their wedding budget to their flowers. Floral arrangements elevate your reception from a gathering to an event. A significant portion of a wedding’s floral budget is dedicated to creating lush centerpieces adorning the reception. Leaf + Petal loves working with brides to customize the most romantic and innovative wedding centerpieces in New Orleans.

A wedding’s centerpieces create continuity of theme and enhance the beauty of your reception venue. Your centerpieces will be most effective if you include them in your initial decor plans. Leaf + Petal has created wedding centerpieces for receptions of every theme, size, and style. Here are our top three tricks for creating perfect wedding centerpieces in New Orleans.

1. Table Structure

The size and shape of your table dictates how many arrangements are required. The volume of flowers needed determines which blooms are available in your budget range. If you already have your heart set on a certain centerpiece style, ask your florist what table would be best suited for the arrangement of your dreams. Leaf + Petal provides our couples with the most personalized wedding centerpieces in New Orleans.

Round Tables

One stand alone centerpiece placed in the heart of a round table is striking. Round tables’ singular centerpieces reduce your budget without compromising aesthetic appeal.

Square tables

Like their round counterparts, square tables are often best suited to a sole centerpiece. Fewer centerpieces means you can truly invest in the flowers of your dreams. However, some larger, square tables can accommodate two centerpieces without becoming cluttered.

Rectangular Tables

Rectangular tables require multiple centerpieces. The exact number is dependent upon the table’s length. Garlands are a stunning, on-trend arrangement for rectangular tables. They create a lush, untamed mood. Garlands are versatile, ranging from bohemian to elegant depending on the flowers and vines selected.

2. Guests Experience

Your arrangements serve as visual representations of the love you and your partner share to your guests. Here are a few pointers for making sure your guests can fully appreciate your wedding centerpieces at your New Orleans reception.


Couples do well to remember that the larger their floral arrangements are, the less room their guests have for their plates and glasses. Your friends and family should be relaxed while enjoying your reception meal, not frustrated because there is nowhere to set their wine glass.

Line of Sight

Make sure the flowers in your arrangement don’t obstruct your guests’ view. Centerpieces will enhance your wedding if you focus on quality, curated arrangements rather than a bushy collection of buds.

While you may prefer dainty, delicate blooms in your bouquet, larger flowers are best suited for centerpieces. A smaller quantity of full bodied flowers fill a centerpiece without obstructing your guests’ view. It also saves you money in your floral budget. However, you should not sacrifice continuity. To enhance your overall theme, accent your wedding centerpieces’ larger flowers with the delicate blooms found in your bouquet.

Obtrusive arrangements are counterproductive because they diminish rather than enhance your guests’ participation in your reception. By investing in the select, exotic flowers of your dreams, you allow your guests to interact with each other and have a clear view of your first dance.


Additionally, avoid flowers with a strong fragrance to enhance your guests’ experience. For example, having to smell potent gardenias throughout the night might become aggravating. Additionally, overpowering florals can alter your guests culinary experience, influencing their taste buds during your reception meal.

3. Venue Needs

Here are a few pointers for curating complimentary wedding centerpieces to display in New Orleans’ versatile venues.

Intimate Venues

Short flowers are perfect for New Orleans’ intimate reception venues, because tall arrangements make the space feel crowded. Alternately, petite arrangements require an abundance of fillers to make an impression in a larger venue.

Grand Venues

Tall wedding centerpieces create closeness within New Orleans’ large reception halls. An easy way to gain height without significantly increasing costs is to add well placed, sweeping accents such as branches or vines in each arrangement.

Wedding centerpieces aren’t the only way to adorn large reception venues. Custom floral arches are a stunning touch, and they provide the perfect photo backdrop.

Compliment the Venue Decor

If your New Orleans’ venue comes with linens, find out their shade in advance. You’ll want to make sure your wedding centerpieces’ color palette enhances your tablecloths. Light colored flowers are the most appealing against dark linens, and white is beautifully accented by colorful florals.

Additionally, when you select your arrangements, consider the overall mood of your venue. Classic roses and peonies are well-suited to a country club reception, while New Orleans’ outdoor venues are complemented by garden style wedding centerpieces

What you choose to place your flowers in finalizes your wedding centerpieces’ vibe. If your flowers are very simple, you can garnish them with a decorative vessel. Whereas grandiose arrangements remain elegant in simple vases.

Customized Wedding Centerpieces in New Orleans

Considering your table’s shape, your guests experience, and your venue’s needs provides helpful guidelines for designing the perfect wedding centerpieces in New Orleans. This is your day, and you should have exactly what you want. Leaf + Petal loves working with couples to bring the wedding centerpieces of their dreams to life. We encourage our couples to bring fabric and paint samples to help us craft a complementary look.

If you’re ready to develop your own, customized wedding centerpieces in New Orleans, reach out to Leaf + Petal today.


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