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Bridgerton Inspired Wedding

Gorgeous garden florals and wedding details inspired from the popular Netflix show, Bridgerton.

I figure it's only a matter of time til we see weddings influenced from the show's style. Feminine details, period piece decor- like busts and embroidery, created the scene.

The perfect New Orleans venue for this (ambitious) Bridgerton project was Marigny Opera House, the vaulted ceilings and antiquated tile flooring created an inspiring atmosphere.

Bridgerton Wedding Details

Bridgerton Wedding stationary set, bust, Bella belle heels

Light and airy details, from beautiful embroidered beaded heels from Bella Belle to the bust statue added to the overall picture. Textures like velvet and tulle added a feminine touch.

My friend Lauren at Lovegood Wedding & Events Rentals has been talking for years about how she wanted to create a 'Pride & Prejudice' inspired photoshoot. During Covid, with weddings being pushed back, I was looking to push our creativity here at Leaf + Petal a bit and so we started talking about creating a period-piece inspired shoot.

I pictured lush overgrown garden flowers, such as garden roses and dahlias, accented with cymbidium orchid stems.

Leaf + Petal wedding, Marigny Opera House, garden flower bridal bouquet, wedding bouquet, toffee roses, orchids, Alexandra Grecco dress, Bridgerton wedding,

English garden style bouquet- made of toffee and cappuccino roses (yum), cafe au lait dinner plate dahlias, and spray roses. Styled more like you picked it from your garden instead of a more formal wedding bouquet.

Just for the bouquet, I wanted to keep the florals clean with no greenery. I wanted the focus on the flowers themselves and the gorgeous color palette we created. I wanted to enhance the colors found around the Marigny Opera House, which already has a bit of a Bridgerton feel.

Bridgerton Wedding Ceremony

Marigny Opera House Ceremony Details

Marigny Opera House, New Orleans, Wedding, Bridgerton Wedding, Leaf + Petal, Lovegood Rentals, Caneback chairs, greenery wedding

While Leaf + Petal has always been influenced by a more natural aesthetic for florals, in the last couple years we've really tailored our look into a romantic, English garden feel. I love florals accented with greens, not messy but a bit more relaxed in style.

For this Bridgerton shoot, we created a dense overgrown garden inside the Marigny Opera House, like a castle that had been stumbled upon with the florals naturally growing inside.

Bridgerton Wedding Garden Urns

Leaf + Petal, New Orleans, wedding, Marigny opera house, flowers, ceremony, garden urns, Bridgerton wedding

Don't tell my husband but these urns are the new love of my life. We went to Home Depot and bought some black garden urns. I had pictured in my head something more like what you would see in an English garden. Like one of those 100 pound stone/marble urns, all mossy from being outside forever.

leaf + petal, Marigny Opera House, New Orleans, garden urns, wedding, ceremony, English garden flowers, flowers, orchids, toffee roses, Bridgerton wedding

To create this look, we found a paint with sand in it to create texture in a stone hue. We painted the urns (time consuming) then added pieces of springy green moss (harder than I had anticipated) to give it a lived in look.

The production team at Lovegood Rentals created the pedestals to match the urns and accented them with trim and accent pieces to look more antique in style.

Bridgerton wedding, Leaf + petal, Marigny Opera House, new Orleans, wedding, ceremony, flowers, garden urns, toffee rose, orchid

For the garden florals in the urns themselves, I wanted a large dramatic look. Since we did this is the winter, large floral, greenery branches are obviously hard to come by. We made our own branches from large dead branches with smilax vine and stems of delicate dendrobium orchid stems attached.

Leaf + petal, New Orleans, wedding, Marigny opera house, smilax columns, greenery wedding, Bridgerton wedding

Smilax accented each of the columns of the Marigny Opera House to create a Bridgerton English Castle vibe. Adding little details like this help narrow down the large scale space of Marigny Opera House.

It's all about the ambiance.

Bridgerton Wedding Reception Details

Seated Dinner with Garden Flowers

Marigny opera house, seated dinner, wedding, leaf + petal, Bridgerton Wedding

Seated dinners are becoming more common down here in New Orleans and I absolutely love it. I love the look of gorgeous glassware, place settings and some lush florals in yo' face (!).

Similarly to how we created the bouquet, the King's Table centerpieces were designed with the focus to be on the florals, clean of greenery. I liked how the table is surrounded by lush garden flowers and trailing greenery but the head table stands out.

Again, we played with textures and Caroline from Iris + Oak Events brought in bone hued velvet drapery for the head table, to give a room a bit of formality in the midst of the overgrown feel.

Leaf + Petal, seated dinner, Marigny opera house, smilax columns, wedding, reception, toffee roses, bleached fern, Bridgerton wedding

Where as on the King's Table we utilized a linen, for the exterior round tables, mahogany wood was brought in to warm up the space.

We repurposed the urns from the ceremony to create large overgrown garden centerpieces that really made a statement.

I really wanted a wow factor for the table florals.

Leaf + Petal, New Orleans, Marigny Opera House, smilax columns, greenery wedding, English garden flowers, garden urns, reception, Bridgerton wedding

When bringing the ceremony garden urns to the tables, we trimmed up some of the greenery to scale back and clean them up but still create drama for the table.

Leaf + Petal, Marigny Opera House, New Orleans, seated dinner, garden urns, smilax columns, greenery wedding, Lovegood rentals, Bridgerton wedding

The cane from Lovegood Rentals chairs were the perfect accent to the tables and the overall Bridgerton Wedding feel.

Leaf + petal, New Orleans, Marigny opera house, toffee roses, cappuccino roses, orchids, garden urns, Bridgerton wedding

At the Leaf + Petal studio, we left our garden roses out of the cooler for a couple days to let them continue to open up, creating a slightly overblown look. I wanted to focus on roses mostly, to me it feels very garden inspired and bringing in color accents from the orchids.

That mauve color though...

Leaf + petal, New Orleans, Marigny opera house, seated dinner, intimate wedding, cane back chairs, garden urns, Bridgerton wedding

All the details of our Bridgerton Wedding coming together. The background of Marigny Opera House was absolutely perfect.

Leaf + petal, New Orleans, seated dinner, Bridgerton wedding, toffee roses, china place setting

Originally we thought about just using white china with gold rims, which is a beautiful but a standard wedding choice. With the dramatic feel from everything else brought in- florals, rentals, decor and linens, we all thought doing something with more color and an antique flair would be a great addition.

These place settings form Element were PERFECT!

leaf + Petal, New Orleans, Bridgerton wedding, lounge setting, Lovegood rentals, Marigny opera house,

Lauren at Lovegood played with colors and textured for the lounge spaces. Velvets, mixing and matching colors and fabrics along with some of her prop decor, she created an antique feeling Bridgerton vignette.

Leaf + petal, New Orleans, Bridgerton wedding, Marigny opera house, centerpiece, flowers, toffee roses, bleached fern, lounge space, wedding

Lush garden flower centerpieces in stone planters and props, like books, accented the space.

Marigny opera house, new Orleans, wedding, Bridgerton wedding,

The dresses from Unbridaled were incredible.

leaf + petal, New Orleans, Marigny opera house, Bridgerton wedding, house of modern vintage Nola, brass candelabra

Brass and glass decor accents from House of Modern Vintage NOLA

leaf + petal, flowers, Marigny opera house, Bridgerton wedding, centerpiece, toffee roses

We added some bleached pieces in some of the compotes to give it an antique feel. To create an 'old-timey' feel from the flowers, we used Koko Look garden roses which have an undercurrent of taupe and cream.

leaf + petal, New Orleans, Marigny opera house, Lovegood rentals, Bridgerton wedding, centerpieces, cake

Perfect decor from Lovegood to set the Bridgerton scene.

Leaf + petal, new orleans, Marigny opera house, house of modern vintage Nola, champagne tower, wedding

And vintage etched Nick & Nora cocktail glasses for the champagne tower.

Leaf + petal, New Orleans, Marigny opera house, cocktail bar, wedding, Bridgerton wedding, garden urns,

Lush overgrown garden set-up for the bar. Leaf + Petal created a lush, floral and trailing greenery canopy for the bar to add a little color.

Bridgerton Wedding with New Orleans Style

I mean can you have a wedding in New Orleans without a second line?

leaf + petal, New Orleans, Marigny opera house, second line, kinfolk band, Bridgerton wedding,

Our favorite second line band and NOLA staple, the Kinfolk Brass Band, came and preformed inside and outside Marigny Opera House.

leaf + petal, New Orleans, Marigny opera house, flowers, bouquet, couple, Bridgerton wedding, greenery wedding, garden flowers

The Marigny Opera House is a gorgeous old building with stone walls and a beautiful exterior facade. When creating weddings there, we at Leaf + Petal love to design something outside to create a 'moment' for guests when they arrive (like a wow- factor moment). This is a great way to greet guests upon arrival but it also is perfect for the couple's exit shot.

Add some greenery and accent with florals and it's a magical moment.

Marigny opera house, leaf + petal, New Orleans, garden urns, flowers, Bridgerton wedding, unbridaled wedding dress, dancing

Unbridaled provided the most intricate and stunning dresses and veils. Light and airy but not stuffy, they were perfect for the Bridgerton theme.


planning & design: Iris + Oak Events

rentals: Element Rentals

gowns & accessories: Unbridaled

leaf + petal, New Orleans, Marigny opera house, Bridgerton wedding, unbridaled wedding dress,


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