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Celebrating New Orleans Wedding Flowers

A wedding is held to celebrate a couple’s commitment to a lifelong partnership, and it is characterized by the flowers that adorn it. There are approximately 9,100 weddings held annually in the Crescent City, showcasing New Orleans’ abundant wedding flowers. Each arrangement is as unique and lovely as the bond being formed.

Just as a wedding ceremony is symbolic of love and commitment, your floral aesthetic is symbolic of who you and your partner are as a couple. Leaf + Petal loves customizing New Orleans’ wedding flowers. No two loves are alike, so bouquets shouldn’t be either. We’ve created an aesthetics guide, celebrating the beautiful New Orleans wedding flowers Leaf + Petal has customized in the past including dainty, bold, traditional, English garden, and whimsical styles.

Let this guide be the soil for your own floral arrangement to bloom from--capture the inspiration and water it with your own personality.

Dainty New Orleans Wedding Flowers

The dainty aesthetic is perfect for couples whose love is soft and sweet. To achieve this look, use baby's breath as the basis for the bouquet. While the classic, white blooms are a perfect choice, baby’s breath comes in a variety of tones including blue, purple, pink, red, yellow, and, occasionally, orange.

To truly achieve the dainty New Orleans wedding flower aesthetic, pair two soft tones of baby’s breath in the colors of your choice. For this bride, we wove together white and blush baby’s breath, creating a delicate innocence. The interspersed calla lilies’ arrowhead shape provides a striking contrast--revealing the hidden strength in delicacy.

The bouquet’s crescent shape adds a unique touch, and its soft arch contributes to the delicate style. The cascading foliage creates the illusion of a wildflower field, while the clustered roses retain intentionality and lushness.

Love These Flowers? This Bouquet Features:

  • Anthurium

  • Garden roses

  • Astilbe spirea

  • Bay leaves

  • Jasmine vine

Bold New Orleans Wedding Flowers

Bold New Orleans wedding flowers are a perfect fit for the city that holds the United States’ largest Mardi Gras celebration. This style is characterized by rich color palettes and a plethora of floral shapes and sizes.The bold New Orleans floral aesthetic is perfect for couples who share our city’s desire to ‘let the good times roll’.

This bride wanted her bouquet to capture the vibrant colors and many textures of spring. To complement her effervescent blooms, we formed her bouquet in the presentation style--typically used at pageants and award shows. The bold palette, mixed textures, and presentation style are perfect for both New Orleans’ Mardi Gras queens and brides.

Love These Flowers? This Bouquet Features:

  • Pale purple larkspur

  • Pale blue scabiosa

  • French lavender sprigs

  • Coral garden roses

  • Deep magenta ranunculus

  • Peach butterfly ranunculus

  • Hot pink anemones

  • Cafe au lait dahlias

  • Pale blue delphinium

Timeless New Orleans Wedding Flowers

Nothing bespeaks of timeless, New Orleans wedding flowers like an all-white bouquet. This aesthetic is perfect for couples who want their ceremony to carry on longstanding wedding traditions and legacies. Couples who select all-white floral arrangements know that simplicity is not uninspired. It requires creativity to make an individual statement while upholding long standing traditions. To learn more about traditional New Orleans wedding flowers, click here.

This timeless, all-white bouquet wouldn’t be complete without white roses, which symbolize purity and spirituality. Leaf+Petal created rich texturization by using a variety of flowers in the center of the arrangement. The cascading greenery adds lushness and personality, providing a vibrant take on the timeless, all-white aesthetic . There is beauty in subtlety, and what could be more natural than stark white flowers juxtaposed by rich green foliage?

Love These Flowers? This Bouquet Features:

  • Proud roses

  • Ranunculus

  • Majolicas

  • Stock

  • Peonies

  • Lemon tree greens

  • Jasmine vine

English Garden Style New Orleans Wedding Flowers

You can have an English garden wedding in New Orleans! Leaf + Petal loves drawing on imagery from the English countryside to create bouquets. We place micro, cottage gardens into our brides hands. English garden wedding flowers are perfect for couples whose love mirrors old world romance. This aesthetic creates weddings as romantic as Jane Austin’s novels.

In this arrangement, we gathered a variety of florals and vines to evoke the feeling of perfectly curated chaos. The burgundy accents suggest heady romance, while the yellow adds a playful touch. The client asked for florals that “looked like they were scooped up from my yard”, so our head florist, Margaret Williamson, accommodated by using baby eucalyptus from her own garden. Leaf + Petal loves using dreamy, hand tied ribbons to hold English garden arrangements together.

Love These Flowers? This Bouquet Features:

  • Purple Larkspur

  • Blue delphinium

  • Pale blush Anna roses

  • Pale purple scabiosa

  • Wax flower

  • Yellow butterfly ranunculus

  • Baby eucalyptus

Whimsical New Orleans Wedding Flowers

A touch of whimsy creates an otherworldly wedding day experience. Whimsical New Orleans wedding flowers are perfect for creative couples who long for a wonderland. If your love isn’t bound to convention, and you’re constantly seeking new experiences, then the whimsical floral style will reflect your innovative spirit.

Don’t like roses? Not a problem! We created this look for a bride who didn’t want her bridesmaids’ bouquets to have traditional wedding flowers.The striking king protea serves as the organic heart of the bouquet, and it is accented by rich textures and unexpected details. The airy pampas grass is both striking and soft, mimicking the center of the protea. The whimsical floral style doesn’t follow any traditions, and it comes in shapes that are contemporary and free.

Love These Flowers? This Bouquet Features:

  • King Protea

  • Dahlias

  • Peonies

  • Pampas grass

  • Butterfly ranunculus

  • Mixed eucalyptus

Create Your New Orleans Wedding Flowers

Leaf + Petal loved working with each couple, starting holistically with their values and preferences and then crafting a unique look within their desired aesthetic. We hope celebrating what our couples have created in the past has inspired your own aesthetic preferences. Leaf + Petal would love to hear what makes your partnership unique. We’ll help you craft a floral aesthetic that embodies your style and personality. Contact Leaf + Petal today to create your own customized look.


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