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The Difference Between Store-Bought and Custom Flowers in New Orleans

Everyone knows flowers are great for special occasions, whether it be a date night, birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding, or anything in between. However, not many people know that where they get their flowers matters quite a bit. Here are a few reasons why the difference between regular, store-bought flowers and professional, custom flowers is night and day—and why it’s especially important to get custom flowers in New Orleans.

Professional Florists are Knowledgeable

The first thing that comes to mind when comparing professional floral designers to supermarkets and even some other florists is their level of knowledge. Flowers are a florist’s livelihood; they work exclusively with flowers every day and know a lot more about them than the average store employee. This is why you get a lot more than flowers when you buy from a floral designer. You also get educated suggestions, maintenance tips, and other tricks that will prolong the beauty of your custom flowers. In the supermarket, for example, you usually get zero customer service when buying flowers.

This advice is especially useful when buying custom flowers in New Orleans, as the humidity and heat will cause flowers to wilt quicker. If you went to a supermarket to buy flowers, you wouldn’t get any advice on how to keep the flowers beautiful for as long as possible.

Hiring a professional florist also cuts down on stress. Since there’s so much that goes into planning a big event, not having to worry about the flowers can take a lot of pressure off the host. A lot of florists have extensive backgrounds in design and event planning, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice!

Custom Flowers Are, Well, Customizable

The best part about buying custom flowers in New Orleans is that you can customize them! When you buy flowers from the supermarket or even off the shelf at the florist, you get what you get; everything is pre-packaged and set. With a custom floral designer, however, the sky’s the limit. Crowns, centerpieces, bouquets, arches, cake decor, corsages, etc. are all on the table.

Floral designers also have a much wider selection of flower species. This means that any possible arrangement you desire can be made up of whichever flowers you may choose. Store-bought selections are often limited and preset.

Custom Flowers Last Longer

Custom flowers from a floral designer or florist will last longer because they are healthier and well-maintained. Florists store flowers in the ideal environment and arrange them to order, whereas store-bought flowers will tend to wilt faster because they weren’t stored correctly. When it comes to longevity, flower freshness is key.

The other secret to flower longevity is the flowers’ quality. Since flowers are a florist’s livelihood, they stock the best quality possible. Higher quality flowers are grown in the best conditions, smell better, and are guaranteed to outlast the lower quality store-bought flowers 10/10 times.

Professional Florists are Artists and Tradespeople

The most notable difference between store-bought flowers and custom flowers is the artistry involved. Florists are true artists, and design and composition are skills that are tough to match. Each petal in an arrangement of custom flowers is purposefully placed with color, shape, space, and composition in mind.

Floral designers strive to harness the natural beauty of their flowers and make sure it reaches its highest expression.

Unlike a store attendant, a professional florist will meet with you to discuss what you want to accomplish with your order. If it’s a bigger project, the florist even makes a few plans and sketches for you to see. Once you decide on the best option for you, the florist moves forward and creates the arrangements.

If you want your occasion to be as beautiful as possible, it’s important to have a florist who works hard to make sure you get what you envisioned.

Where to Get Custom Flowers in New Orleans

Leaf + Petal is a professional floral design studio in New Orleans. For events big and small, we’re dedicated to bringing you the highest quality custom flowers in New Orleans. We can meet and exceed anyone’s needs and we guarantee to provide the freshest, most beautiful flowers in the city.

If you have a big event coming up, contact us today so we can begin designing your floral decorations. Also, check out our portfolio for creative inspiration and to see what we’ve done for our clients.


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