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L+P & Martha Stewart

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Leaf + Petal recently had the insanely amazing opportunity to be featured in Martha Stewart Weddings!

In and of itself, being published in MSW makes me happy but seeing as it was also my own personal wedding I'm ecstatic.

That's me! (and Reese)

Since this day was so deeply personal to me, I wanted to share a couple of my favorite things from my wedding.

A couple months before our wedding, I went to go visit Lauren from Lovegoods in her warehouse and we got to talking about how she should rent it out as a venue for weddings. I loved the exposed brick walls, high ceilings and overall industrial feel. Then it kind of just dawned on me, 'Reese and I should get married here!'.

Lauren graciously let me be the first bride for her newly appointed 'Warehouse of Lovegood' so we got down to planning. As a business, we're pretty slammed most seasons with weddings (thank you Jesus!) so planning my own really took a backseat to helping others with theirs. This actually ended up being the push I needed to get it into gear.

I added Reese into my instagram pic - he was at work, so it's like he's helping plan.

Wine and planning go hand in hand.

When walking in the space, I immediately knew what I wanted to do. Since it's a basic warehouse aesthetic, I wanted the flowers to look like they were growing form the walls and courtyard.

A little more natural, garden style.

Me creating my bouquet a couple days before. It's an incredibly surreal experience.

Overall it took four days and several helping hands but we managed to put together an amazing final product.

Some of the gorgeous cafe au last dahlias we had cut from a local flower farm.

Small details from our amazing photographer Lance Nicoll

A champagne moment greeted our guests as they arrived. Merchant Cart from Lovegoods.

And larger details from our ceremony space...

...to the interior space.

We created large swags of florals draping from the ceilings and doorways. Being in the south, we rarely have seated dinners, it's a more energetic cocktail-style party that keeps people moving. I wanted to play off the casual vibe the warehouse so we decided on an amazing 3 course meal from Little Bushel Catering.

I just envisioned all things decor a little more on the formal side, since the floral aspect was more haven git look like flowers were just growing there. Candelabras and gold lighting accents were pulled in from House of Modern Vintage to complete the look.

Seated dinner by Little Bushel then beignets and cafe au laits during post-dinner cocktail hour back in the courtyard.

I fortunately had an amazing planner (Michelle Norwood Events) that helped me with all the extra details. Even though I work in the industry, I quickly realized I have no idea what goes into creating a seamless wedding. I legitimately almost forgot to get an officiant. And transportation.

Cakes and cupcakes by Bittersweet Confections.

Me doing cake flowers before the ceremony. Just a note, guests show up waaay earlier that 30 minutes. This was an hour before and people were already there.

Actually we were a little late, French Quarter traffic kills me.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the night. Our planner Michelle planned an amazing petal toss as we left to head back to the Monteleone. It was the perfect end to the perfect night.

But where as that might be one of my favorite pics, this one is the true overall winner.

Me on a scissor lift at 8am the morning of my wedding. I mean, where else would I be?

planner: Michelle Norwood Events

photographer: Lance Nicoll

venue and rentals: Lovegood Rentals

catering: Little Buschel

lighting and decor: House of Modern Vintage NOLA

sweets: Bittersweet Confections


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