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Lillet & Tales of the Cocktail

Every year we get together with the marketing team at Lillet and come up with an over the top design idea for Tales of the Cocktail.

Unfortunately this year, due to Covid-19, Tales of the Cocktail was cancelled but I wanted to highlight some of our previous work from last year's event.

We started by decorating the entrance to Coppervine where the event was held.

When headed through the entrance you go through a courtyard where we built a 10'x10' flower wall with logo for people to use as a photo-op. I mean, why do we all this if not for instagram, right?

Heading inside Coppervine, a wine bar in the CBD, we draped columns around the room in florals and trailing greens.

And build floral hedge to line banquettes and the walls and bars.

Tales happens during Summer so we did a bright, vibrant color palette of reds, oranges and yellows, accented with pops of blush, pink and white. I honestly couldn't not add pink, it's apparently a compulsion I have.

Since it was Summer (and hotter than hell outside), we had originally planned to have the doors opened and create a floral walkthrough cascading over each doorway for everyone to walk through, but since by 10am it was already like 90 degrees, we kept the doors closed and created a wall mural instead.

And while we might not have gotten to create something this year, we'll just go bigger and better next time.


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