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The Secret Behind Making a Custom Floral Arch

If you have a beautiful floral aesthetic at your wedding ceremony, a custom floral arch would be the perfect addition to complete the look. No matter the setting, floral arches tie the space together, creating a sublime, cohesive display. If placed at the front, they frame the couple for an amazing focal point. If placed at the beginning of the aisle, the wedding party walks under it during the ceremony for a breathtaking entrance. Apart from looks, wedding arches can have functional purposes as well. For example, they provide amazing shade for outside weddings. Their versatility and beauty is why so many brides and grooms seek them out. So, how would a professional wedding florist create a custom floral arch?

Meet with the Couple

Choosing a professional wedding florist for your special day is an important decision, so make sure you hire one that discusses your wishes and ideas in depth and provides great input and suggestions. After all, a florist’s job is to bring a couple’s vision to life.

Ideally, the couple has a specific notion of what they want regarding color, shape, texture, and aesthetic. This helps the florist choose the right components and create exactly what the couple wants. After ideas are discussed, the florist needs to see the venue or location in order to get a sense of the spatial context. Next, the florist draws up a few sketches to show the couple for them to comment on and choose from. After all this is done, the florist has all the necessary information to give the couple exactly what they envisioned.

Choose the Frame

Custom floral arch frames come in many different shapes and sizes. They range from circular, hexagonal, triangular, rectangular, and everything in between. The best thing about floral arch frames is that they’re so customizable. From a simple, minimalist design to an ornate trellis or pergola arch, there’s bound to be a construction that fits your style perfectly.

Color is another thing to consider when designing custom floral arches. This depends more on the types of flowers you’d like at your wedding and the color of the wedding party’s attire. Remember: you don’t always have to coordinate your colors! A well-executed eclectic, contrasting aesthetic can be just as beautiful.

Choose the Flowers

Choosing flowers for a floral wedding arch is one of the most important steps in the design process. Finding the perfect flowers can be overwhelming; but if you don’t know very many species, don’t worry! Your professional wedding florist will take your desired color scheme and aesthetic into account and choose the perfect varieties.

The shape and size of the flowers will match the custom arch frame as desired, and the color of the flower will match the space and bring the room together.

Thinking about shape is a question of composition, and a professional wedding florist has a lot of experience in that area. Should you use big flowers, an ocean of smaller wildflowers, flowers with a fluted, circular, or stellar silhouette, flowers with long petals or short ones, or combinations of them all?

In terms of color, a good starting point is to consider the season your wedding takes place in. If it’s a fall wedding, oranges, reds, and yellows will look great. If it’s a winter wedding, milky whites and soft blues are perfect. In the spring, pastels and bright greens and yellows work great. This is all personal preference, but your florist will have some great input regarding color choice.

Where to Get a Custom Floral Arch

Leaf + Petal is a professional wedding florist in the New Orleans area. We do everything from crowns to centerpieces to entire spaces; so if you’re looking for a beautiful custom floral arch, look no further! We use our years of design experience to make your dreams come true. Check out our portfolio for some inspiration, or contact us today so we can begin crafting and designing the floral arrangements for your wedding.


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