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Meet Your New Orleans Wedding Florist

In just four years, Margaret Williamson has gone from operating her floral company, Leaf + Petal from her home to becoming a premier New Orleans wedding florist with a storefront on Magazine St. Margaret was once the sole employee of Leaf + Petal. Now, she works alongside a full staff to accommodate Leaf + Petal’s steady stream of clientele.

Margaret’s hard work, client-based services, and timeless style has earned her partnerships with celebrities and high-profile corporations such as Mary J. Blige, Town & Country Magazine, and the BBC.

While Margaret’s career trajectory is remarkable, there are no true overnight success stories. Pursuing her dream of becoming the best New Orleans wedding florist required a huge leap of faith, resilience, and humility.

When you view Leaf + Petal’s portfolio, you see our dreamy floral designs. When you meet Margaret, you understand the entrepreneurial spirit required to weave romance. Read on to get acquainted with your New Orleans wedding florist!

Planting the Seeds of Her Future Business

Just like vines, our lives do not grow linearly, and they are made lovelier by their winding. Before Margaret became a florist, she had a successful career as a director of PR in the fashion industry. She managed showrooms in the oft-glamorized cities of New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas.

Externally, Margaret’s career was a wild success. Internally, she was drained and unfulfilled.

When Margaret and her now husband relocated from Texas to New Orleans, she decided to use this fresh start to pursue her dream of becoming a floral designer. Margaret was inspired by the beauty of New Orleans, and she couldn’t picture a better destination to serve as a wedding florist.

Watering the Seeds in New Orleans

Humility is essential for growth. To break into the world of floral design, Margaret transitioned from being a respected public relations director to taking a questionable job on Craigslist posted by a harried florist who required extra hands to strip the leaves off thousands of red roses for Valentine's day. While this first, unglamorous position wasn’t the fulfillment of Margaret’s dreams, it gave her access to the world of floral design and taught her how to run a successful business in the industry.

If Margaret’s story tells us anything, its that a full life has many seasons and each informs the next in unexpected ways. Margaret was able to use her years of experience marketing aesthetics in the fashion industry to launch Leaf + Petal in 2015. This decision changed her life. Pragmatists may view her career transition as a whim, but idealists recognize her wisdom. There really is no time like the present to chase your passion.

The First Buds Appear

Sometimes you need to work smarter not harder. In Leaf + Petal’s genesis, Margaret poured exhaustive and untargeted energy into her work. She was depleting herself, and she still wasn’t achieving her goals. Through trial and error, Margaret has learned the value of forming big picture strategies. Margaret shared her new business model, “I honestly think the best thing to do is re-assess your business every several months. I think it’s too easy to get caught up in the day to day details that you lose sight of the overall.”

Leaf + Petal’s overarching goal is to create the weddings of our clients’ dreams. We aren’t interested in trends--we want to create the look inspires you. Your wedding is about the unique bond you and your partner share, and it should reflect your tastes. While Leaf + Petal prides itself on creating English garden pieces rich in romance, we make whatever our clients ask of us. For more information on how to choose your florist, check out our guide.

Blooming in The Garden District

Relocating her business from her home to the beautiful, high-rent Garden District was equally as exciting as it was daunting. Margaret quickly developed business savvy and began maximizing each dollar spent. As a business owner, Margaret is dedicated to creating a personalized and enjoyable experience for her customers. This includes crafting the floral aesthetic of their dreams and operating a professional business that provides timely and cost-efficient services.

Contact Your New Orleans Wedding Florist

There are many conditions required for a flower to grow: it must be planted in good soil, bask in the sun, and receive water. In the same way, a floral business must have beautiful designs, quality customer care, and a big picture mindset to grow. Through Margaret’s hard work, perseverance, and faith in her dreams, Leaf + Petal is now blooming in the Garden District.

To talk with New Orleans premier wedding florist, Margaret Williamson, reach out to Leaf + Petal today or stop by our storefront on Magazine St.


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